Scott Weiser of Jackal and Hyde

Jackal & Hyde - Dominance Electricity (Leipzig, Germany), Risen United (Los Angeles, USA)

Scott Weiser, (AKA Jackal and Hyde) is responsible for some of the most head strong electrocore bass-bangers such as Dark Star, Go Bang, Beyond, This is the Sound of Underground and Bad Robot. Besides his original work, Jackal & Hyde's sound has been requested for multiple remix productions including Rabbit in the Moon, Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Newcleus, Mindless Self Indulgence, Carl Finlow, Love & Rockets and Genitorturers among others. In addition, all of the music Scott Weiser (Jackal and Hyde) made in his youth, was released by Aphex Twin on his Rephlex records label in 1998 in the United Kingdom: Dynamix II ‎– From 1985 To Present.

In 2020, he continues the mission to create the perfect blend of relentless intelligent club power along with futuristic darkness to make his brand of sci-fi-esque electro music called electrocore. Jackal and Hyde live shows are eclectic full frontal sonic assaults which appeal to a wide variety of fans from EDM club kids, ravers and break dancers, to goths, gravers and industrial heads alike. For the last decade he has played shows with a wide variety of groups from The Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Bassnectar and Stanton Warriors, to Rabbit in the Moon and Combichrist at venues all across the United States and abroad. Always be prepared for an Earth shaking set from this master of tear out electro.

Notable quotes:

"Beautifully well crafted electro. Dark like no other in the electronic scene today."
- Zardonic
"Love Jackal & Hyde! I played his new track on our Turntable TV Livestream and a guy jumped up in front of the camera and tore it up popping and locking! Everyone went haywire! Jackal & Hyde is the best!"
- DJ QBert
"Love your sound, Scott, since the early days. I always play your phat 808!"
- Max Durante
"What Wiwek is to Jungle Terror, Jackal & Hyde is to electro terror! Dark brooding bass music delivered from another solar system."
- DJ Icey
"The King of hard electro-core is back with a devastating and powerful bass track. Jackal & Hyde has proven once again that he is the undisputed king of this genre. This track will definitely cause a ruckus! Great work!"
- Omar Santana
"If you really want to know what electro music is, go check out the new Jackal & Hyde. This is the music that shaped an era, and was instrumental in the success of breakdancing and dance battles throughout the world. If this is the future of proper electro, I can't wait to see what comes of it. Jackal and Hyde is again leading the way for electro and a revolution seems imminent."
- AK1200
"The biggest f***ing bass you are ever going to experience."
- Dave Clarke (White Noise Radio)
“This new Jackal and Hyde wax gets my RobotroniK seal of approval!”
- John B
“That new Jackal & Hyde song Bad Robot? Yea, the World must cop that… The World must cop the Bad Robot!”
- Egyptian Lover
“The counterculture misfit anti-hero is back in full force with this new electrocore bulldozer! This is an instant classic crate track.”
- Evan Gamble Lewis (Winner 2014 Breakspoll International)
“When it comes to electro music, one thing is for sure, there’s nothing bubblegum about Jackal and Hyde. He weaves dark energy out of his machines like a wicked cybernetic pit viper.”
- Infiniti
“Bad Robot brings the pain like Jackal and Hyde always does. Good to see this cat back at it again dropping bombs. Shady Teez only sponsors the best of the best and we proudly have Jackal and Hyde rocking our gear at his shows.”
- Shade (Shady Teez)
"Jackal and Hyde delivers it again! Bad Robot is a bulletproof banger!"
- Blastromen
"Jackal & Hyde and his uncanny ability to wreak havoc in the name of electro/breaks has been in constant demand on turntables from Los Angeles to Berlin".
- Rennie Pilgrim
"The most banging Hardcore Electro on the planet. Humanoids will not escape this Bad Robot."
- Dynamik Bass System