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Scott Weiser is known to be a plain-spoken man. And when the “purveyor of the hardcore-Electro sound” gets the opportunity to talk about the syncopated scene, prepare for some lessons from a respectable veteran! For, the co-founder of the legendary Jackal & Hyde project goes back into time with me, revealing how he jumped into the Electro train when he was a child, how he started Jackal & Hyde, and how he judges the current dance Electro scene today.

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Electromagnetic E.P.

Jackal and Hyde

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Jackal and Hyde

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Sound of Underground (Remaster)

Jackal and Hyde

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Anywhere in the Galaxy

Jackal and Hyde

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Super Meng

Jackal and Hyde

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Carl Finlow - Anomoly (Jackal and Hyde Remix)

Jackal and Hyde

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See Europa

Jackal and Hyde

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Jackal and Hyde

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Candy Painted

Jackal and Hyde

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Beyond (Evan Gamble Lewis Remix)

Jackal and Hyde

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Bad Robot

Jackal and Hyde

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You're Like a Drug E.P. (Jackal and Hyde vs. Evan Gamble Lewis )

Jackal and Hyde

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Jackal and Hyde - Dominance Electricity (Leipzig, Germany), Risen United (Los Angeles, USA)

Scott Weiser, (AKA Jackal and Hyde) is responsible for some of the most head strong electrocore bass-bangers such as Dark Star, Go Bang, Beyond, This is the Sound of Underground and Bad Robot. Besides his original work, Jackal & Hyde's sound has been requested for multiple remix productions including Rabbit in the Moon, Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Gwen Stefani, Newcleus, Mindless Self Indulgence, Carl Finlow, Love & Rockets and Genitorturers among others. In 2020, he continues the mission to create the perfect blend of relentless intelligent club power along with futuristic darkness to make his brand of sci-fi-esque electro music called electrocore.

Jackal and Hyde live shows are eclectic full frontal sonic assaults which appeal to a wide variety of fans from EDM club kids, ravers and break dancers, to goths, gravers and industrial heads alike. For the last decade he has played shows with a wide variety of groups from The Prodigy, Bassnectar and Stanton Warriors, to Rabbit in the Moon, Combichrist and Kraftwerk (Karl Bartos) at venues all across the United States and abroad. Always be prepared for an Earth shaking set from this master of tear out electro.

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